We LOVE Our Volunteers!

February 11, 2019

Celebrating the contributions of our valuable volunteers and the spirit of volunteerism!


Mission Arts celebrated the role of volunteers in a celebration and Information meeting on Sunday, 10 February 2019.  The aim was to recognise the valuable role of volunteers and to ensure the continual quality of Mission Arts service in the community. Over thirty volunteers attended and discussed the value of volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation. A key part of the discussion centered on encouraging volunteers to remain and giving them adequate recognition.

“Volunteering expands individual skills and experience, increases employability and maintains active participation in the community. It is a valuable and enriching experience for both the volunteer and the local organisation,” Committee member Carol Giuliany stated. “Mission Arts offers various volunteer opportunities such as working and leading team projects, public speaking, retail experience, administration, customer service, publicity etc.  We also cater for virtual volunteering for those who cannot attend the premises but work from home. Now is a good time to consider who you are, what you can offer and how to enrich your life from volunteering.”

As a volunteer-led and largely volunteer-run organisation, Mission Arts volunteers form an integral part of gallery operations and ensure the continual success and viability of Mission Arts. We offer a range of opportunities which give volunteers the ability to enjoy the social and cultural activities of community art and the camaraderie of others serving the community.

If you would like to explore volunteering with us, contact us at 4088 6116 (10am-2pm) or info(at)missionarts.com.au to start the conversation. We thank you in advance for supporting YOUR community arts organisation!