Mission Beach Artists Second to None

April 9, 2021

Congratulations to Mission Beach artists, Sally Moroney and Bruce Parry who received awards at the Cairns Art Society Artists of the North exhibition on Thursday 1st of April. Held at the Tanks Art Centre, this event showcases the best examples of Far North Queensland art. The exhibition features over 200 paintings, sculptures and photographs of fauna, culture and places in Australia and overseas.

Sally Moroney is a well-known fibre artist and painter who integrates local beach material into her traditional baskets. Her organic approach uses recycled copper wire sewn into vines, rope and fishing nets, creating beautiful and unique objects. Her work titled ‘Shoreline Basket’ won second prize in the “Weave” category. ‘My baskets are made with the traditional coiling technique, that is common to many cultures around the world. I love using old rope found on the beach with palm flower stalks and other natural materials, decorated with shells and found objects.’ Sally Moroney stated. This artist’s career includes studies in Fine Arts and Ceramics at the Cooloola Sunshine TAFE, community arts and art education events and workshops for adults and children throughout the region. Sally became a Life Member of Mission Arts in 2018 for her significant and ongoing contributions to promoting the mission and values of the Mission Beach Community Arts Centre. She is one of Mission Beach's most active community-minded artists.

Bruce Parry is a contemporary Mission Beach painter and photographer and has exhibited widely within the region. His second prize in the Photographic section titled ‘Market Scene Guatemala’, depicts a noisy, frenetic and very colourful market in the mountainous region of Guatemala. ‘The colour and texture in the photograph are provided by the hand embroidered and woven dresses of the women.’ Bruce stated. ‘You can almost “feel” the energy as they all strain forward for a bargain.’ Bruce is a member of the Green artist group which will exhibiting  at Mission Arts in August 2021.

You can view Sally Moroney and Bruce Parry’s winning works at The Artists of the North - Cairns Art Society, Tanks Art Centre, a free event from Fri 27 Apr - Sun 13 May.