Interview with an Artist

July 18, 2022

An insightful interview with local artist and treasured Mission Arts volunteer Marcia Baker

How long have you been painting and which medium do you use?

I joined Sally Moroney’s Art from the Heart painting group in 2018, every Tuesday morning at Mission Arts, but took a 2-year break while we travelled around Australia in 2019. My paints and brushes travelled with us, but rarely did I get the chance to use them on our journey. Whilst I have taken a watercolour workshop, my preferred medium is Acrylic paint because of the vibrancy of the colours and the ability to mix with mediums for texture and transparency.

As an emerging artist, is there a preferred subject matter you prefer to paint?

I’ve attempted to paint many subjects, in particular flowers and birds, but my favourite subjects are the ocean and palm trees. I’m often referred to as the “detail freak” as each stroke is meticulously applied to my canvas and often a repaint is necessary if I’m not completely satisfied with the outcome. As my art teacher, Sally Moroney, keeps telling me “It’s never a mistake, merely another layer of paint”.

What do you enjoy about painting the most and are you exhibiting in the next Mission Arts Anniversary Awards Exhibition?

My preference is local beach scenes. I’m currently working on my largest painting that I have ever attempted and it will be entered in the Mission Arts Anniversary Awards Exhibition opening on 6th August.

Is there a specific painting (historical or contemporary) that resonates with you?  Why?

Claude Monet’s waterlily paintings.  He is the master of impressionism and whilst my painting style is realism, I admire and can appreciate the tiny brush strokes and composition of his artwork.

Tell me about your volunteering position at Mission Arts Anniversary Awards Committee – and its benefits to you?

Participating on the Awards Committee has been rewarding, the benefits of which are working with experienced artists and event planners.  Each committee member brings their own specialised skill set and the sharing of knowledge has been invaluable.

What’s the best thing to happen since you started working with Mission Arts?

Definitely the friendships and support that have been formed over the past 11 years since the Centre opened in 2011. Volunteering for Mission Arts lead to a role in Administration and has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

Why do you support Mission Arts as opposed to other Not for Profit organisations?

I prefer to support Mission Arts because it’s a meeting place for the collaboration of creative ideas, forming of friendships, gatherings of like-minded people, sharing of knowledge, variety of interesting and challenging workshops and many free events for the community. It’s rewarding seeing the outcomes and being involved in a community organisation.