Green-ish Artists on Show

June 3, 2019

Artists set to paint the town "green-ish" at a new exhibition opening Friday, 7 June at Mission Arts.

GREENISH, an exciting new exhibition featuring six local artists known as the GREEN painters, opens at Mission Beach Community Arts Centre on Friday, 7th June 2019 at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to the opening night.

Pete Faulkner, one of the six exhibiting artists, has produced an eclectic body of work. Raised in Portsmouth and London, England, he relocated to Australia in 2006 with his wife Ruth. He began painting in oils in 2012 and set up his art studio in the lush rainforest of Bingil Bay.  Apart from painting, he is also an investment banker, economist, business owner and qualified dive instructor. 

As an accomplished artist, Pete is known for his unique style, particularly his intense colour palettes, bold gestural brushwork and strong compositional structure. His subjects include portraiture, birdlife and social commentary.  “I enjoy portrait painting because I can try to capture a person’s individuality particularly their character, look and expression. The private and public self is revealed, and this adds depth and complexity to the work." Pete stated. “Many of my portraits are vignettes as I do not always paint the whole canvas. I leave sections untouched to draw viewers into the work especially facial and physical features.’" Pete has painted many well-known figures such as Clive James, Derryn Hinch, Ray Warren and several local commissions.  

The GREENISH exhibition showcases the artistic talents of five others who all bring a fresh approach to painting. It remains open for viewing from 10am-2pm daily, from June 7 to July 3, 2019. Entry is free, though gold coin donations to support the ongoing programming, exhibitions, and events at Mission Arts are greatly appreciated.