Deanna Conti Receives Established Artist Recognition Award

September 11, 2019

The Established Artist Recognition Award, presented in recognition of an artist’s outstanding achievement and contribution to the arts in the Cassowary Coast region, was awarded to long-time Mission Arts member & renowned local artist Deanna Conti at the Opening Night of the 2019 Mission Arts Awards.

Deanna Conti studied art and sculpture at RMIT University, Melbourne and is one of Australia’s major textile artists.  She studied under Jack Louitt, a master weaver influenced by the Marquis of Bute and Gobelin Artelier, France. In her long career, she mastered tapestry, one of the oldest forms of woven textile crafts created on a vertical loom. She produced several woven woollen sculptural tapestries using earthy colours arranged in a contemporary style. Sheundertook commissions for fellow Australian artists such as Leonard French, John Olsen, Clifton Pugh, Frank Werther, John Corburn and Tibor Hubay. Deanna is also recorded in the Encyclopedia of Australian Art.  Only the finest of Australian artists are recorded here.

Deanna’s detailed craftsmanship expanded further when she lived on Timana Island, three miles off Dunk Island, for 30 years. She used a large loom to create innovative and modern designs on tapestries. Influenced by her tropical surroundings, she produced multi-layered earthy textiles with diverse designs, colours, shapes and structure.  These tapestries became her voice with firm narratives of her surroundings and may well be regarded as compelling and informative installation art.

Other recent accomplishments involve the study of stainglass, kiln-formed glass and glass mosaics. She includes geometric shapes, unusual patterning and bold, design elements.  They are unique, and individualistic, and are of high quality and craftsmanship. Deanna has participated in many workshops, and encouraged others in her local community to further their artistic knowledge and skill.     

Deanna was also the  2019 Mission Arts Awards and Exhibition Open Award Winner with her sculpture titled Dichroic Magic. This stunning sculpture can be viewed at Mission Arts from 10am-2pm daily through 23 October 2019.