Creativity in Isolation

June 19, 2020

An Artist's Creativity During COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic pummels industries across the globe many artists continue to do what they do best: make art. One special Mission Beach artist, Raymond Smith, has honed his tenacity and perseverance to continue painting whilst in isolation and has produced  an eclectic body of work. Presently he cannot return home to Bali due to travel restrictions but painting what he remembers brings some comfort and pleasure.

Raymond Smith grew up in Cairns but has resided in Bali for the past ten years. His paintings are strongly influenced by Bali’s tropical environment, forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. These influences are the source of his inspiration in his artwork. 

Raymond has spent the past months learning the skills of acrylic painting at Mission Arts, Art from the Heart group, which met every Tuesday prior to COVID-19. This group took to social media and established the group Facebook page, Art from the Heart Mission Beach, during the art centre’s COVID closure. This online community support enhanced his creative abilities and skills whilst enabling him to continue painting and remain creative whilst in isolation.

“During this pandemic I could not engage with my fellow painters so I chose to set up a studio on my back patio and paint daily. My paintings capture the unique rich and diverse culture of Bali, such as the colours of ceremonial costumes, religious spiritual meaning and the generous, genuine warmth of its people.” Raymond stated, “They are contemporary pictorial representations from everyday Bali life which I know. It’s sad I cannot go home but I hope this is possible by the end of the year. The support given by my fellow painters and painting what was my life in Bali is an enormous consolation to me.” 

As restrictions are starting to lapse, normal painting classes at Mission Arts have resumed. For more information on the Art From The Heart Acrylic Painting Group, or other offerings at Mission Arts, check out the Event Calendar on

To see more of Raymond's artistic creations, visit his Instagram page at