Community Collaborative Painting

August 2, 2019

The Community Collaborative Artwork Project is the brain-child of talented local artist, S. Pullman. Everyone is invited to add a few brushstrokes to this collaborative painting, every Saturday at Woolworths, until the 24th of August. The painting will be auctioned at the Spectacular Opening Night of the Mission Arts Awards & Exhibition, commencing at 6pm on Saturday, 31st August.

The Mission Beach Community Arts Centre (Mission Arts) has planned a wonderful community project. It involves public participation in a communal artwork featuring flowers of tropical Queensland. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the painting including experienced and inexperienced artists, children and adults. 

Artist Sue Pullman conceived the project with the aim of highlighting the role of Mission Arts in the region and to foster community involvement through an art based activity. This project invites everyone to apply a few individual brushstrokes on a canvas set up at Mission Beach Woolworths on Saturdays from 27th July to 24th August. 

“The enthusiasm of residents to participate in the project is amazing! So far over fifty people have begun painting. There were young children, novice participants and others with some art experience” Carol Giuliany, Secretary of Mission Arts, stated. When the painting nears completion, local artist Sue Pullman will review it prior to auction at the Mission Arts Awards Opening Night, Sat 31st August.  “It will be a lovely vibrant painting and will look wonderful on someone’s wall”, Sue stated.

The Artwork is titled ‘Floral Tropicana’ and will be auctioned at the opening of the 2019 Mission Arts Awards and Exhibition starting at 6pm on Saturday, 31stAugust. Tickets to the event can be purchased at Mission Arts (Open Daily 10am-2pm) or Saturdays during August at Woolie's Mission Beach.  For further enquiries, phone Mission Arts at 4088 6116 or email info(at)