Alina Shaderkova

17 February, 2021

Alina was born in what was then called Leningrad, known now as St. Petersburg, the cultural centre of Russia, and grew up exploring the many museums and galleries it has to offer. TFrom an early age she was instilled with a love of the arts, architecture and history.

Alina studied medicine and began her professional career as a doctor, spending 2 years in Spain whilst travelling extensively throughout Europe. In 2010, a move to Sydney saw her open up her own beauty salon. A trip to Mission Beach enticed a move to this beautiful part of the world and prompted a move here. Beachside Nail Art and Beauty by Alina was established in the Beachtown Shopping Centre and is now a very successful local business.

Alina has always loved art and from a young age in Russia absorbed the natural culture which involves so much beautiful art. Alina’s love for tapestries and diamond art has progressed to the stage where, as an active member of Mission Arts, she is further pursuing her love of art through painting, drawing, and other artistic pursuits.

Alina’s passion to further explore her own journey with art and her desire to support and be part of the local art community has led her to become a Patron of Mission Arts.