silk fibre sculpture workshop

Event Date: August 4, 2018 10:00am to 3:30pm

Location: Mission Arts

Silk Fibre sculpture with Annette Anderson

A chance to make a delicate silk-fibre sculpture with master textile artist Annette Anderson.

This could be a 2d- or 3d piece, using silk fibre, formed over moulds with swirling colours.

Most materials are provided, but there is a list of simple equipment and some materials to bring (we have bridal tulle available at no cost!) – please ask our Volunteers for the list or email: info(at)

Cost $60

Please bring along the following:

  • ½ metre of BRIDAL tulle (very fine) cut into pieces about A4 or slightly larger
  • Shapes - balls, bowls, tumblers etc to mould the silk on to.
  • Short pieces of PVC pipe could be good
  • 2 icecream containers
  • 2 wide brushes
  • Old towels or cloths
  • Roll of cling wrap
  • Some "broomstick' knitting needles if you have them. (very thick wooden needles)
  • Clothes pegs - try to bring pegs of the same colour to help you identify your work as it dries.
  • Large box or clothes basket to carry your work home in.
  • Lunch