Migration Exhibition opening night 6pm

Exhibition Date: September 2, 2017 to October 4, 2017

Location: Mission Arts

Thematic Artists Focus on Migration Opening 6.00pm

The Thematic Artists have developed the theme of 'Migration' for an exhibition to be held in September 2017.

Migration defined, often refers to a group of people, animals or birds moving together. 

There is little difference between animals and humans when we explore why we migrate.  Animals often move from place to place to find richer feeding grounds, breeding places and safety.  Over thousands of years, humans have sought these things too, particularly during the tumultuous and unstable times of conflict and famine.

The Thematic Artists include Lynda Hannah, John Heard,  Sue Pullman, Sue Shannon, Stasia Abraham and Carlos de Evian.

Carlos de Evian – Artwork details:   The portrait of 'a lady in a towel'  from El Salvador in a waiting posture reflects an inner pain, her eyes express desolation, affliction, suffering and longing for hope and peace among her village; notice the emotional hurt and the family lost pain as everyday bread; that is placated by the resilient spirit of labour to survive and be grateful for life and blessings.