Mind Wires (Solo exhibition by Geoffrey Schmidt)

Exhibition Date: June 3, 2022 to June 15, 2022

Location: Mission Arts, MARCS Park, Mission Beach

A solo exhibition by Geoffrey Schmidt showcasing a collection of digital prints on glass and aluminium

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, 1987, my practice in Performance Art continued for a decade.  I exhibited work at The Queensland Art Gallery, The Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, PICA in Perth, CCAS in Canberra as well as festivals, Art openings and events in various locations throughout Australia.

My art practice then developed into a more 2D approach, mostly painting.  Choosing not to associate with the arts community due to persistent depression, anxiety and then a series of 4 quite debilitating heart attacks I now try to exhibit work periodically.  However, I continued to produce large amounts of work, which in most cases were destroyed or given away embracing the ideas of the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence and emptiness.  My focus was on the need to create where the process was the important aspect not the product.

The work has developed from pure painting to now photographing the stages of painting and digitally manipulating these images.  The themes of my work have been a constant, related to the human condition and how we (I) fit or don't fit into our own personal psychology.  The relationship to ourselves and the relationship to the environment of existing systems.  The issues of mental and physical illness have informed the work with reflections on the impermanence of life through Buddhist practice and the understanding of how the mind processes and connects or doesn't connect.