Wilson, Danielle

-“Everything I make is absolutely %100 inspired by my children and their impulses, wants and needs.”

Originally from Perth, WA, she is the daughter of very creative and entrepreneurial parents.  Inspired by her mother’s drive and talent on the sewing machine, Danielle began to design and create useful things for mothers and kids.  She now resides on a property in Mission Beach with her four children, where mangoes fill the belly and chickens rule the roost!

Danielle loves working with textiles, fabrics, pencils and colour.  She makes lots of cool stuff for markets, festivals, friends and local shops.  Her work usually starts as inspiration from her kids and she ends up making a few extras.  She began her business 'Chinky Monkey' and stocks over 6 retail stores locally and interstate.  Each item is unique and handmade.

-          "If I can create magic and inspire the imagination into the hearts of people... why would I want to do anything else?"