Galeano, Pam

Many things inform and shape an artist’s life - family, experience, environment, theatre, community - Pam’s life has been rich and this is reflected in her work be that photography, drama or writing.

Pam was born in north Queensland and has lived near the Hull River at Lower Tully since marrying canefarmer Joe Galeano in 1967.  They have two children and two grandchildren.

Teaching was Pam's profession.  She especially enjoyed the younger primary students and decided to retire early to try a new career writing for them. In 2000 she received a diploma in children's writing from the Australian College of Journalism.

In the meantime, Pam's husband Joe's second career in local politics blossomed and she became busy with other matters.

Since 2008 Pam has self-published four picture books: Glissandra the Glider illustrated by Daryl Dickson, Cassowary Coast:- Count on Country illustrated by Aboriginal artist Dorothy Webster, Elmo the Orphan (cassowary) illustrated by Christine Jenkins and Hull River Rolley, a crocodile story illustrated again by Daryl Dickson. All three illustrators live along the Cassowary Coast and were established artists but new to illustrating.

Always a nature lover, Pam was inspired by Joe's knowledge and deep understanding of the local environment.  As youngsters read and enjoy Pam's animal stories they learn much about the wildlife of the area.

In 2009 Boolarong Press became interested in Pam's writing. Boolarong now distributes all her publications to bookstores but she and her illustrator partners sell directly to tourism outlets, gift shops etc.

In 2004 Pam was a founding member of the local group, Licuala Writers. This group published its first anthology in 2011: Under One Sky: Writing the Wet Tropics.  Pam was one of the three editors and contributed a poem Hull River and a memoir Flooding Memories.

Pam received a life membership of Tully Performing Arts having been deeply involved in all aspects of their productions for twenty-five years. In 1988 she directed and acted in an official Australian Bicentennial production of Lawler's Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

For five years Pam has been vice president of CRACA, the local branch of the Queensland Arts Council.

Pam's hobbies are reading, classical music, bush walking and photography.