Crichton Kelly, Cindy

I am a North Queensland born artist, living and working on a rural property outside Tully, and still searching for my muse.

Drawing has been a constant thread throughout my life and discovering and attempting to integrate a classical drawing technique into contemporary art is a challenge I consider every time I pick up a pencil or a brush.

The artists who inspire me are those who have a background in classical training, where good drawing skills are the foundation of their art and prove an excellent grounding for them to show their individuality using artistic tradition successfullyin a very contemporary art scene.  Contemporary Realism combines our historical art heritage with modern themes and stirs my motivation.

My artwork at present is quite varied, as I continue to explore new techniques, but always based on strong drawing and observation. My favoured mediums have in the past been those used in drawing: graphite, charcoal, conte and soft pastels. Recently I have taken up oil painting and continue to experiment with its unique properties, combined with my love of drawing, to communicate objective truth.

In the past few years I have attempted to take my art to a new level by attending as many workshops as possible in my local area and studying those artists that inspire me. This has enabled me to complete several commissions and to sell my art, through agents, to collectors locally and interstate.

At present my focus is on contemporary still life, which allows me to work from life in my small studio. Figurative art, however, often draws me away, as I have insatiable fascination with depicting candid human interactions.