Cole, Norm and Sharyn

Woodwork and furniture/Acrylics and collage

Norm is a retired builder. Norm's motto is: “If it will fit in the shed and is made from wood, be it fine furniture or driftwood things, and if the inspiration is there, I will build it!".

Before retiring, Norm wondered how he would fill his days... and now each day does not have enough hours. 

Sharyn has painted mostly with acrylics, but also at times with collage. Sharyn exhibited in Cairns and Port Douglas before moving to Mission Beach.

Art for Sharyn is not a planned process, but a journey of discovery.  Sharyn works in layers.  Her first layer is rarely visually apparent in the end product.

In Sharyn’s own words: “The surface, being canvas or paper is the sea.  The paint, memory, imagination coincide in marks, drips, shapes, slashes as the waves – forms lie embedded in the layers – a mystery to the changes that may or may not occur.  The elements dispense and re-emerge into an ongoing cycle as in life – to go beyond and the way things appear – not holding what is done precious, but waiting to see a continuing till the colours, shapes, texture hold together toward their quest.  Very rarely is a painting complete. Weeks, years later, another layer, colour shape may happen, change being always present in art as in life.”