Bigger, Cheryl

Oil, silk and acrylic painter, ceramicist, bread dough artist, lecturer, water colourist.

Cheryl was born and raised in Sydney and later moved to Brisbane where she started oil painting at the age of 34. She had moderate success with commission work and local sales and when not painting was indulging in sewing and craftwork for local craft markets.

Eight years later Cheryl moved to Canada, but after six months had to return to Sydney because of family commitments. She became interested in folk art and acrylic painting and after six years had the opportunity to run art classes for various councils and night colleges which continued for the next 18 years.

During the latter part of those years Cheryl was fortunate enough to have her own studio - a place to paint and teach, and also create hand painted quilts and wall hangings, many of which were commissioned overseas.

When time permitted she attended weekend workshops and explored the realm of watercolour painting and later silk painting. Cheryl loves the challenge and unpredicability of these two mediums, though most of her teaching is with acrylics and also how to use them in the area of pen and wash and watercolour.

Cheryl was mostly self-taught through books and attended workshops when possible, and had not the opportunity of any formal art training. She loves the exhileration and sense of achievement when working on her own artwork, but her greatest joy comes from teaching others, and helping them to unlock the potential within them.

Cheryl likes to paint a diverse range of subjects, and her real pleasure is trying to capture the beauty of God's creation, whether its flowers, animals or the underwater world of fish and coral. Since moving to South Mission Beach she certainly has the opportunity to explore these areas first-hand, and to incorporate the beach and its changing seascape, with all it offers in the area of mixed media to add to her paintings.