Badcock, Sal

Sal is inspired by nature and wildlife. Her vibrant work is unique in its approach and can be found in collections all over the world.

My paintings have been described as happy and people say that they make them feel bright and cheerful. Those comments are the sort I love to hear as I am a happy person and am so enraptured with the scenes that I paint. I like to hope that this joy and exhuberance comes through in my work.

My inspiration? Mission Beach, its where I live. It is right in the middle of the wet tropics region of Far North Queensland in Australia. Mission Beach is surrounded by magnificent World Heritage rainforest and of course just offshore is the amazing Great Barrier Reef.

Everday I walk outside and see something totally amazing that makes me smile. Whether its the magnificent rainforest, the beaches and any of the creatures I share my world with. I feel humbled that I am lucky enough to be able to put these feelings on canvas and characterise them in bright vivacious paintings.

Thursday afternoons you can find me painting outside local bar/restaurant Oceania. It is a lovely social time where friends come to watch me paint along with any tourists wandering past.  My verandah at home is my Studio, here you will probably be greeted by fun Australian music and or singing and playing guitar whilst waiting for paint to dry. I am a total 70's nut especially Australian. You might notice that some of my works have interesting if not cryptic names. Some of these have come from the songs I was listening to at the time.