Mission Arts Pottery

Mission Arts secured funding for a Pottery Studio in 2013 and in late 2014 a modest shed was erected for the specific purpose of our Community Members to explore the world of Ceramics (pottery and sculpture).

In September 2015 we commenced regular Saturday Potting Days at Mission Arts Pottery, giving the group a name - 'The Mudslingers' (which we thought most appropriate for a group consisting of experienced potters alongside first-timers just finding their way)! The aim of Mission Arts Pottery group is to provide a centre of creativity for ceramic art - especially pottery - bringing like-minded artists together to inspire and motivate each other in the world of three dimensional art. Formal pottery courses are arranged from time to time when the need arises. Workshops by both visiting and local artists are conducted regularly at the studio and we look forward to presenting more in the future.

Mission Arts Pottery is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who are able to offer some assistance on Saturdays when the Pottery is open from 10 am til 3pm (2.30pm clean-up). From time to time we conduct workshops and 'theme days' where members produce works for fundraising for the Studio. Cost: $5 per day + firing costs. Clay is available for sale on Saturdays at the studio. Everyone is welcome, so come along and play with clay!

Email Mission Arts Pottery  on pottery(at)missionarts.com.au

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